Ben Lowry Memorial Trophy

A great and very touching moment at our AGM last month as the Lowry family presented the new Ben Lowry Memorial trophy for club member of the year to Johnny Young. Ben was an exceptional member, angler and friend to all in our association and when he was tragically killed last December the sense of loss felt by all in our club was immense.

(Pictured left to right) Brian Lowry, Ben’s father and Ryan Lowry, his brother, presenting club stalwart Johnny Young with the new Ben Lowry Memorial Trophy for Club Member of the Year 2019.

The trophy replaces the annual glass trophy which we award every year since 2015. At the time we felt we had to reward Ben for his enthusiasm and volunteering and created the trophy especially for him in the hope that he would continue. The rest is history and we are truly grateful that the family have kindly allowed us to update the award and commemorate Ben’s service to the club.

GONE FISHING- Member Ben Lowry who tragically died December 2019.

He will always be one of us.

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